Friday, 31 March 2017

My New Kitty Cat!!

One day two years ago when I was at my Poppa's teeny tiny house and Mum was at home. Mum had a big surprise because it was her birthday! The surprise was for me and my big sister Katie.

First we heard the phone ring really loudly. I sprinted and grabbed the phone just before Katie.It was Mum...

Mum told me I have an amazing surprise...and then,she told me,it has whiskers a pink nose and it was fluffy.Suddenley I screamed in the phone "A CAT A CAT!!!"When Katie heard me she jumped up and down excitedly! THUD THUD THUD!!!!!!

Next me,Katie and Poppa took an extremely long boring drive home just to get back to Whangarei, my home.

Finally we got home and played with our new kitty cat but...we found out she was actually a little baby kitten because she was 8 months old.We named her...ready are you sure? Ok she is...Bella and I still have her this very day.

By Ashley Ella Draisey.

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